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Honoring Women of Distinction & Leadership

March 8th, International Women's Day celebrates you! It's a new time, a new world. You are being called to be enriched! Reserve your seat as there is limited seating. 

On that same evening, we are raising our international women's flag and hosting the Champagne Friday IWD Cocktail Party for everyone. Come and mingle, laugh, network, and dance with us! 


There is free parking available behind the VANDAHOUSE. Cafe I Am Lounge is located inside of the VANDAHOUSE. The VANDAHOUSE has VANDA sign on the front of the building.

Cocktail Party (3).jpg

Full Course Meal Includes:

Potato latkes w/ sour cream chives &  caviar 

Kale salad with grapefruit, pine nuts, almonds, pickled fennel, poppy seed dressing. Choice of Grilled Chicken or Salmon

Decadent Star Brownies with Vanilla Ice cream & caramel sauce garnished with a sparkler and matches  to LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE.

Stay late to join our COCKTAIL PARTY, beginning at 5 PM.


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